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Take a look around your dispensary. Every different shape and design continues to drive fashion and function in the marketplace. Since frames come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, it is important to determine the best fit of lenses into each frame. Pech Optical is confident that we are your best source for completing wrap sun and sports frames!

Pech Optical is committed to investing in technology that enhances productivity and provides quality and service to the end consumers. Not only do we have equipment specifically engineered to handle wrap frame jobs, we have employees that specialize in completing these advanced jobs from start to finish. It takes proper wrap knowledge and design from every department to ensure the perfect results are achieved. Large lens sizes, high base curves, and complex beveled edges are often associated with today’s designer and sport frames. These issues can make a job difficult to complete, but they will not stop Pech Optical from trying to find a solution.



Splayed temples Special bevel angle
High wrap sunwear designs Specialized bevels & optimization of Rx
Lens pops out of frame (top/bottom/side) Most advanced technology to create customized bevel placement and design
Specialty Bevels
The Pech Optical team has been working diligently to educate ourselves on every aspect of specialty bevels. These types of bevels play an important role in producing eyewear that not only provides the wearer with the best possible vision, but they look and feel great too!

The need for specialty bevels is the result of the effects of base curves on certain Rx lenses and frames. Understanding and learning to work with these frames when inserting lenses is paramount to dispensing premium eyewear. Pech Optical offers a "Frames vs. Bevels" webinar which provides a better understanding of specialty bevels and how they can benefit your patients. Contact our Education Department for more information.


Recommending Quality Products
Dispensing quality products is another key factor in having success in the sun wear category. You can now offer your patients high fashion and cosmetically appealing sunwear that provides them with the clearest vision and best protection under the sun!

All Polarized prescription sunglasses are not the same! Xperio UV™ lenses are so superior to other polarized sun lenses that they take outdoor vision protection to a whole new level. These lenses are great for both men’s and women’s sunglasses. From superior color, clarity & optics to unparalleled UV protection, Xperio UV lenses gives you the best vision under the sun!

  • Eliminate 100% of blinding reflective glare
  • Offer the maximum UV protection available of an Eye-Sun Protection Factor (E-SPF) 50+
  • Up to 3 times more scratch resistant than competitive polarized lenses
  • Sharpest vision and clarity to see vibrant colors
  • Fit perfectly in sunglasses for men and women, no matter the style of the frame
  • Easiest to clean

What is E-SPF?
Click here to find out!


Of course “seeing is believing”….watch the video below to see Xperio UV lenses being put to the test!

Is your practice listed on the Xperio UV locator? Click here to find out!


Digital Wrap Lenses

Elite 2.0 Ultimate (Pech Optical)  Shamir Attitude III® - Sport (Shamir)
EOS Wrap™ (KBCo)  Shamir Attitude® (Shamir)
Essilor Ideal® Advanced (Essilor) Shamir Autograph II - Attitude™ (Shamir)
Image Wrap™ (Younger) Shamir Golf™ (Shamir)
Shamir Attitude III® - Fashion (Shamir) Stylistic™ Wrap (Essilor)

Dispense wrap sunwear with confidence and increase your second pair sales and profits!

E-SPF is a registered trademark and the 50+ E-SPF design is a trademark of Essilor of America, Inc. E-SPF is a global index developed by Essilor, endorsed by independent third parties, measuring the lens’ UV protection excluding direct eye exposure from around the lens. E-SPF of 50+ means the wearer is at least 50 times more protected than without any lens.  


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